Mini Tablets, why I’ll leave it for now

ipadminiI loved the idea of smaller tablets.

  • Less expensive makes them easier to access, even for people who are stingy with their electronics budget like me
  • Lighter, making my argument that I’m “exercising” when I walk around with a full sized tablet less convincing, but it sure doesn’t hurt as much when I fall asleep reading and it drops on my face

What I didn’t think about was the hardship that would wreak havoc on my eyesight, the internet is just not ready for 7 inch screens yet. On my phone I expect the small screen. I am not one who will read articles on my phone, pinching and zooming, squinting my eyes and such. Yes, of course I have often times pulled up a PDF to check on some quick detail and so forth, but I am very aware of the lack of screen.

Somehow I forgot this with a mini tablet.

After nearly a year with an iPad mini (as opposed to my full sized Transformer Prime) I am now leaving it behind at the office at night, and finding my eyesight is better off. Outside of apps, and not all apps mind you, many are still not correctly sized for the screen, I found myself constantly wanting a bigger screen. Or positioning the tablet far to close to my face.

When trying to demonstrate apps or uses in the classroom things also fell apart. Using remote desktop became a huge frustration, writing was practically useless, and the “smallness” received many comments from my audience and trainees.

However, if I used the device exclusively for reading ebooks (not PDFs, .Docs, or anything productive) I would be happy. I read a book in Play Books, Kindle and the native bookstore and was very happy with the re-sizing options. It just fell apart when I tried to do anything else.

That may be the plan, but at least for me, it has soured me on the mini tablet craze for now. What about you?


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